Collection: Cookies Christmas [OCT-JAN ONLY]

Christmas is only a bit more than 30 days away, so make sure you don't miss out on JACKY BAKES famous Christmas Cookies. 

They come in three sizes (250g, 500g or 1kg) and are always nicely wrapped in high-quality festive boxes. 

The 2023 Selection includes again traditional Swiss-German-Style Christmas Cookies such as Cinnamon Stars, jam-infused "Spitzbuben" (rascals), (lemon  and orange flavored) "Mailänderli", Vanilla-Kipferl, Cocos-Balls, Sablés, Chocolate Hearts, Mini-Christstollen, Gingerbread, "Chräbbeli" (anise cookies), Cantuccini, Amaretti, "Brunsli" (brown cookies), Espressi and "Läckerli" (a traditional delicacy from the city of Basel).

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