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Knöpfli [Swiss noodle]

Knöpfli [Swiss noodle]

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Knöpfli is the Swiss version of "Spaetzle", a drop noodle made of an egg noodle dough.
It's the perfect carb to go with some goulash or deer stew - anything with some sauce. 

Knöpfli are made by pressing the egg dough through a metal tool (with holes in it) into boiling water. This can be quite messy and so a more elegant way to get your Knöpfli is to get JACKY BAKES version that will come in vacuum sealed portions of 500g. 

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All natural ingredients and hand-made

All breads of JACKY BAKES are made using only natural ingredients and are free of any artificial preservatives.

Each product is hand-made and thus unique, so items may look slightly different from one delivery to another.